Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello Missouri

We are officially Missourians. I have to say this our change from being IN residency to A resident is a beautiful - beautiful thing. We are renting a home for the year and I can't even begin to talk about the joy that I feel about private property. Nor am I able to talk about the concept of THE GARAGE without tearing up. Yes folks... I'm happy. Our dinner table looks over a lake, so Zach's happy. :) Kaitlyn has a rope swing, so she's happy. We now have a 3/4 acre lot and Liza is hyper aware of anything that crawls, flies, or creeps so she's... scared, but to soften the blow there is a slide, so she's also happy. I'll send pics of our smiling faces.


Caro said...

Glad to know you guys are settled in and HAPPY!!! Sorry to hear Liza's a bit scared, she'll get over them bugs. My best to you and your adorable family. Caro.

Jer + Lu said...

Home sweet home, eh? So happy you're happy!! Another adventure for the Williams crew. You guys sure know how to make the most of life! Best wishes in your new place. Can't wait to see pics of your smiling faces :D