Monday, July 20, 2009

The Perfect Weekend Break!

I just had the most exciting/relaxing/enjoyable weekend anyone could possibly have! Sadly, I was missing my hubs and cute 3 yr old. Luckily I had some stand-ins to care for my separation issues. I have 6 best friends from high school and we're still best friends and LOVE seeing each other whenever possible. WELL, one of them got married last weekend and we all congregated for the big event. 2 days of travel for 2 days of weekend bliss was TOTALLY WORTH IT. I can honestly say I enjoyed every second of it. I almost teared up when the plane was flying through the valley. I've never really felt homesick before but it hit me starting with Spanish Fork all the way to the airport. Liza came with me but thanks to the greatest family ever I never really saw her... J/K but it's close. She was really happy while I attended wedding festivities. The first night we all met up at Cheesecake Factory and as I drove to get there I had the windows down, the music blasting, and a huge smile on my face. It's incredible how great it feels to turn music up and let wind blow because there are no children in the car. I wouldn't trade it for singing "wheels on the bus" but every now and then it's SO refreshing. After the wedding on Friday I spent the rest of the time with my sisters and Zach's family and it couldn't have been better. Spa night, movies, early morning water skiing, nieces and nephews, the friends, the family, the sun, the heat, the temple, the sleep, the late nights, the food, the JOY! I am really blessed to have so many people to love!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Falling off the Wagon

I fell hard. I've been in a rehabilitation process for months now. Thanks to the encouragement of a couple stanch supporters... you know who you are... and the addition of a new template - THANK HEAVENS- I'm back on the wagon. I tell you what! Change is my favorite thing. Once I switched my template I had absolutely NO desire to even come to the blog but a little re-decorating and we're in business.
So true to form... I've lost all of your blog addresses again. I'm on a mission to start hoping through sites but if you don't see your link please leave it for me. THANK YOU!!!
My little sabbatical was not without adventure. This is what we've been up to for the past 4 months:

Lots of This! It's no wonder I've been MIA. I've got a whole song and dance routine worked up with the Lyrics "Pee-Pee on the Potty"

The Bruce Peninsula over the 4th with my Brothers family. BEAUTIFUL!

SOOOOO much of this. Thank you Canada for having such great beaches!

It doesn't matter how many times we've been to Niagara Falls, we never get sick of it! Zach's sister came for 10 days with the cousins and then we came back the next week with another sister. PARTY TIME!