Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Take Two!!! Twice!!!

We had so much fun the first time around that we had to do it again!!! News item #1: We are moving to Ontario Canada over Memorial Day Weekend to attend an Ortho School Residency. HURRAY!!! We are really excited about this program. It's a great school and we will get to have an international experience. I've always wanted to continue my persuit of world travel so I see this as a duel purpose decision. We've got the education arm... and then we have the travel and leisure arm. Ask me which is more important and I will have a tough time choosing. The Canadian residencies are interchangable with the US programs which we didn't know until this year. There will be 2 other residents with Zach and we're excited to start this new adventure. We will be a mere 1 1/2 from Detroit where Dave and Kar live and a couple hours from Niagra Falls/Buffallo New York area. The city is London and has a lot of similarities to our Omaha expreience. We will probably even live in a town house style community that looks JUST LIKE Village Green. It's wild.

Our second take two is that we are excited to have a Canadian Citizen join our family in October. Woo Hoo. We've had some worry from overly optomistic parents that our soon to be baby won't be able to become the president of the United States because of the birth location but don't you worry... our brilliant child can be the president so you can all breathe easier. I'm only 9 weeks along so there isn't much to tell other than I just feel strange. That's my best description. I'm really blessed to not get sick or throw-up... just not right. That's me. Tired and strange. Loving every minute of it. :)
So there you have it. There are always new and interesting things going on with us if you just wait long enough. Alisa, I wrote this post for you. FYI. :)