Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

Well I went to my Dr. appointment today to find out what I'm having. The verdict is: We really don't know for sure. Don't you love that. I got to my appointment (miraculously) and this baby was dead set and determined to LOCK THOSE KNEES. After much proding the Dr. gave me a fairly confident decision that we are having a GIRL!!! Personally, I'll believe it when I see it. :) I'm having an ultrasound in Canada when I get there and will be able to find out what I'm having for sure. In the mean-time... Elizabeth is on her way. Probably. :) I'm excited either way.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Adventures of ZM&K

Kaitlyn is a DARE DEVIL! The girl is game for anything that is fast. Yep, that sums it up... FAST. Examples: The blow up slides at carnivals that are really tall and steep, Being pushed good and hard on swings, Goes for the biggest slides at the park, and most recently... 4-wheeling. She was a WRECK when we got to this location to 4-wheel. She hadn't gotten any sleep and was hungry and unconsolable but once we put her on the machine her worries were swept away and she was the happiest girl around. I love this about my little Kaitlyn, it is so fun to see. It does make me wonder a bit about what her hobbies will be as she grows up though.

We are postponing the inevitable at this point, well I am. Packing I mean. We leave 3 weeks from Saturday and I know suddenly our move will be a week away and I'll realize I haven't done enough preparatory packing but I just refuse to cause unnecessary chaos early in the game. What is the optimal time line for moving anyways? I was thinking 2 weeks before start pulling out the boxes. I just hate when every room is lined with boxes and it's all pretty much a mess. We have limited space as it is. I'll give you an update and some pictures for your entertainment.

As for little prego woman, I find out what I'm having in a couple weeks. Woo Hoo. I've got to be honest, these are my thoughts: Girl- I'd be a little relieved. Only because I know what to expect, it will feel comfortable to have another girl and I wouldn't have to buy a thing.. always good on the student budget. I find myself day-dreaming about a girl if that means anything. Boy- I'd be really excited but almost scared. That's silly, I'd love every minute of it, but just will have a lot more questions about what this little guy would be like. Zach thinks we're having a boy. OFCOURSE I will be VERY happy with which ever we get, it's fun to not know right now.