Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So you win some, you loose some! I finally figured out how to start a new template but... I lost ALL the stuff I had saved before. FOR EXAMPLE: all of your addresses. Could you please just leave a quick comment with your blog site on it so I can add you all back as my friends! GRACIAS!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Alms for the ignorant

ALRIGHT! I can't take it anymore. I don't know what I'm doing here. Blogging I mean. I go to your blogs and there are all kinds of awesome things I would love to incorporate in my blog. Is there some magical place to go with instructions on how to make my blog personalized beyond what the "customize" button in the top right is allowing me to do? How do I get music? How do I add pics from the web? How do I make my background look like darn cute scrapbook paper? I must admit... I have been avoiding asking these questions because I feel like my Mom when she calls me from Mexico to ask how to fix her printer. There is only so much you can do over the phone, ya know. Bless my wonderful mothers heart she doesn't get some things to do with computers and I have to say... I have a sneaking suspicion the same gene is rearing it's ugly head! SAVE ME FROM THAT FATE. Any advice is good advice, don't be shy. Have pity on this new blogger, please.

(3 hours and still in the same spot later) Yes! We have sound people! That doesn't mean I don't still need help. This is virtual pan handling, I'll admit it.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Carpool Lane - Move over, here I come!

Mary, the mother of 1 1/2 children, now owns a MINI-VAN. Sad but true. The sad part is I really like it. Many out there are still of the opinion that you will never-ever own a mini. That was me, but after having one as a rental in Hawaii I fell in love with the convenience. I've been converted. I know you are disapointed but if it makes you feel better, I still consider the X-terra mine and this is Zach's new upgrade. :) Due to a HORRIBLE exprience with our Passat for 3 years, we have parted ways and now own a sweet Grand Caravan. The best part about it all... I purchaced it myself while Zach was gone skiing yesterday.
It's not like it was a shock or anything, we'd been looking for vans for a week after our Passat broke down on our way to Moab last weekend. We had to call AAA for the 6th time since owning our VW. Let me give you all some advice... Never own a VW. It will save you a lot of head aches. They look great but when you are stranded on I-70 with your 20 month old you will wish you could crush the stinkin' car between your bare hands. Needless to say, it was frustrating experience. SO, Zach goes skiing and I head down to the dealership with Kaitlyn. I must say, I had not enjoyed any dealership experience throughout the week but if you are looking for a car- I LOVED my experience with Henry Day Ford. LOVED IT. Is that normal to say about a dealership? Anywho, Zach kept calling about the van and what was going on and I totally lied and said I left, they wouldn't honor their deal, I wasn't happy with the van, etc. While in reality I was driving away in it. He came home at 5ish and there it was. He wasn't mad at all but was really excited it all worked out and was very proud of me for getting a great deal. I figure it was pay back for all the times in school he'd come home from the Auction with a new car and have me going about what he'd bought. He loved to pull my chain about it, so this was pay back.
Now you all know, we have room when you want to come visit us in Ontario. DON'T BE SHY! COME ON BY! That may be my new slogan. :)