Monday, January 19, 2009


So, once when my family was all together at my parents house and we were getting a little bored or slap-happy or something, we came up with a game called... FACT! The best part of the game is when you say FACT you have to do it with extreme matter-of-factness and swing your index finger up to the sky. You might have to be there, but I'm bringing it to you for your reading enjoyment. So a FACT! can be virtually anything that others might not know about you or others. Yeah, we were a little desperate for some fun, but now it's a tradition.

FACT!: I have a thumb sucker! Last night was her first full-on fist clenched, thumb inserted moment that I've seen. Ahhh gee. Good thing Zach's in an orthodontic residency.

FACT!: Liza is 3 1/2 months old and laughing and smiling like crazy. I thought the hair would fade, but it's not really going anywhere yet. Her blue eyes are adorable.

FACT: when Kaitlyn wakes up she has the GREATEST hair on the planet. The sheer volume is covetous.

FACT: When Kaite speaks she sounds EXACTLY like a Britt. Just try saying Mommy and Daddy in your mind with a Brittish accent and there you go. It is CRACKING me up. She also has impecable spanish accent skills. Any word in spanish sounds fantastic, but in english she's still tough to understand sometimes. Living in a foreign country is apparently rubbing off, even if it is Canada.

FACT!: Siblings are born with an inate ability to create the most work possible for their parents. Example: When Liza is screaming in the car for an hour for no apparent reason, Kaitlyn has knocked off to sleep. Right as Liza's starting to slow and Zach and I are allowing our eyes to uncross, Kaitlyn wakes up crying and proceeds to throw up twice all over herself and the car. That's not an accident, that's a perfectly syncronized performance my friends.
FACT!: In stark contrast to the plane ride to Utah for Christmas, the plane ride home was LOVELY. No tears, no spit-up, no worries. Thank Heaven. This is us STILL SMILING on the last leg of our plane ride to Detoit.
FACT!: This shirt makes me look like Where's Waldo... I kind of wish I had it for a certain dance back in High School. Those who participated will appreciate the look I'm sporting... you kno who you are.
FACT!: (All parental bias aside, ofcourse) This is the cutest 3 month old on the planet! She's just hit the phase when she stops eating to look at me and smile... KILL ME!
FACT!: I would love to hear some exciting FACTS! about my friends. The playing field is WIDE open, there are no rules to what constitutes a FACT! but the wierder the better.
P.S. FACT!: I cannot remember a time when I was able to touch my toes. Seriously. Sad but true.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Family Traditions

Kaitlyn is SERIOUSLY impressed by Duma the waterskiing dog! Who wouldn't be?
Here's the fam, living out our fantasies... yep, this is the level we're on.

Yesterday morning, Mary and I set out determined to uphold a long standing family tradition of attending the annual boat and outdoor recreation show. This year took us to Toronto Canada and I must say that we were not disappointed. Owing to the plentiful and large bodies of water there was an assortment of massive cruisers and also our favorite lines of competition wakeboard and waterski boats. Kaitlyn was like a kid in a candy store with all the lights, color and dauntingly massive yachts that each had their fair share of interesting buttons and spiral stairs to play on. Her favorite trick was to turn off the lights on everyone inside or lock herself in the head (means bathroom for you non-boaters, or washroom if you are in Canada). We enjoyed the indoor wakeboard show that was on a giant hockey rink filled with water like a swimming pool with rails and ramps for the riders to launch from. Lots of Ooo's and claps from Kaitlyn made it all the more enjoyable. Her favorite however was the waterskiing beagle from Chicago who nicely posed for a photo with Kaite on his board. Liza just mostly slept and barfed all day. After 6 1/2 hours of carting around kids all over the show we headed for home. Winter in this part Canada from Toronto to just north of London is brutal due to the snow belt. We ended up driving through a storm on our way home so our 2 hour drive turned into a 4 hour drive. We stopped for dinner only to have one of our children decide that they wanted no more driving in the snow storm and decided to cry to the point of losing the Wendy's dinner she had eaten an hour before all over the car. When she wasn't crying the other one would start in, I think it was just to fill the peaceful silence. So we had dirty pants and pukyface that were tag teaming the parents the last 90 minutes of the drive. All said and done we would do it again for the Boat Show. Sick, but true... it was that fun... and memorable.