Thursday, August 28, 2008

New York, New York!!!

Our trip to NYC was AWESOME!!! We saw all the sights and sounds and smells of Manhattan. It was an awesome time. We were there for 5 days and did a Citypass tour and got to see lots of museums and key locations. Our favorites: Empire State Building (with audio tour), Central Park, Time Square, Natural History Museum, and Rockafeller Center. Our least favorite: Figuring out the mass transit system with a stroller :) and The Guggenheim Museum. I apoligize to all of you that LOVE modern art but we couldn't get a great appreciation for it. Zach had a harder time than I did but it was still a little rough, in the end we were happy to get outside and hit the pavement again. Here's some Highlight pictures:
LOVED CENTRAL PARK. The whole time I was thinking of the movie Enchanted and One Fine Day. I couldn't believe how much I recognized just from the movies I've watched.
Zach's Cousin Emily and Her hubby Nicholaus that we stayed with while we were there. They were so awesome to put up with us coming and going and taking over the front room. You guys are Fantastic!!!
Zach is having his way with the Wall Street Bull.
Here we are about to take the harbor tour around the island and to see the statue of liberty.
TIMES SQUARE. Talk about an exciting place to be. Even during the day it's lit up like crazy. We were there right at dusk and watched the transition to night and I was astounded. Talk about cool. Kaitlyn just kept pointing to the T.V.'s and saying "SHOW-SHOW". Kaitlyn was a really good kid through this whole thing. She missed days of naps and we always got home way too late but she just kind of figured she was along for the ride. I swear she has a tougher time at home than she does on the road. Maybe I should go for a gypsy life. That's a thought.
All in all: GO SEE NYC! We had SUCH a great time and I am so excited to go back some day soon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You know your a sucker when...

Let's just state the obvious... every parent is a sucker. It's encompases the highs and lows of the position. So much joy when they ask and you give in, and then so much regret when it all goes south. Luckily it doesn't always go south.
YOU KNOW YOUR A SUCKER WHEN: You agree to climb into your 2 yr olds crib to sing songs to her at 8 months pregnant. This little stunt resulted in a pulled hip flexor that still has me limping. Aye, Yae, Yae, Yae! What I wouldn't do. (I do want to say, this was a first, I don't climb in every night.) The cutest part was that after I finished the song she said "momma up" TRANSLATION: Your services are no longer required and you may go. I was pretty happy about it because as doing little extra favors for 2 year old's go... once you've agreed to do it there's a pretty good bet you'll be asked again. Perhaps this was a one time deal now that she knows Momma doesn't fit so well.
YOU KNOW YOUR A SUCKER WHEN: This strategic manuver (But look how cute I can be)gets her a completely separate meal than the one you prepared. Arg! I wish I could say it doesn't happen, but the poor kid would starve since she generally won't eat ANYTHING we're having. What's the trick my friends???
YOU KNOW YOUR A SUCKER WHEN: The opportunity to see Kaitlyn climb up a latter and practice washing the dishes, even though you'll have to change her entire outfit because it will be soaked in the end, is TOTALLY worth it. I like to think she'll never want to stop and when she's 8, 9, 12, 14 she'll still get all excited at the end of each meal and gather up all the dishes for a good scrub while she thanks Zach and I for the delicious meal. WELL I CAN DREAM CAN'T I?
YOU KNOW YOUR A SUCKER WHEN: There is nothing else you'd rather be doing than clean up after your kids, even though you don't like it. Because the big picture reality is, it's all going to go WAY too fast and being a Mom is a huge blessing. So good luck today picking up toys, cleaning up dirty diapers, catching throw up with your bare hands, clean clothes and inevitably your hair, and remember to smile and remember how great it is to see the big smiles and hear I love you's.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

We Survived Our Trip to Utah!

So I drove to Utah with my brother's family for our Bentley reunion while my parents were on a break from the temple for 2 weeks. Poor Zach couldn't come because of his school schedule. My brother Dave decided it was the perfect opportunity swing by Mount Rushmore. Why Not? We had a great time with every seat in the mini-van occupied, there was always something interesting to think abou that's for sure. I've got to say that I've never seen 4 kids do such a great job traveling though. THANK HEAVENS! If you haven't been to Mt. Rushmore, it's a great sight. I enjoyed the Black Hills almost as much as the mountain itself though because the area is so beautiful. By the way, this is Karalee, my sister-in-law, but might as well just be my sister. LOVE HER!
"Mom, why didn't you tell me about Otter-pop's before???" Kaitlyn discovered the one and only otter-pop... my personal weakness. It's a miracle I've never bought them before and she's had them, it's probably because I can take care of a box of 500 without any help. It's just a harmless otter-pop I tell myself and that's all the convincing I need. Atleast Kaitlyn got something from me, since in almost every other way she is just like Zach.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAITLYN! 2 years sure has gone fast! I wised up this year and skipped making a birthday cake for her. Last year I slaved away on butterfly cakes that she wouldn't touch. I did a pre-birthday test run before we went out to Utah with a delicious cake and again, NO GO. Glad I checked. So what did we do you ask? Notice the platter of watermelon on the bottom left of the screen. I stacked them up in a lovely cake-like formation and stuck 2 candles on the top. I was quite pleased with it and as you can see, so was Kaitlyn.
Our daily ritual of calling Dadda on the phone to say hi and I love you. Kaite got so good at holding the phone to her ear and listening for a pretty long time. She still doesn't say much so it's a one sided conversation but darn-it she's cute. Even without the speech she's growing up so fast and trying new things. She especially loves her dolls and stuffed animals and feeds, changes, and rocks them to sleep. One at a time. It's good preparation for the new baby I figure. She can just mimic what I do with her baby or puppy. We'll see how it goes. Any suggestons for how to prep my 2 year old for a new little sister? I need to get on it. I'd love any advise. I'll have to add more later, this is a desparate attempt at posting way too late at night.