Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 2010

Here's to starting FRESH in 2010. We had such a great Christmas break together. Kaitlyn learned Santa Clause is her friend and Liza developed a very serious fear of the man in red. This was our first time staying home for Christmas in 9 yrs. We of course missed seeing friends and family and the usual holiday traditions, but we made the most of it and relished not standing in lines at the airport, living out of a suitcase, and being scheduled to the hilt trying to fit everyone and everything in. We spent 2 1/2 weeks at home loving our little family here. We played games, slept in, ate great food, watched movies, and literally just loved being together. Good times and great memories. We will be going home next year for Christmas which also made this year that much better because we knew it was a rare occasion.

We got to actually participate in all of the ward and school Christmas parties. It was really fun to not miss out.

Happy New year! We got to go to a party at some friends house and it was the real deal. Kaite even stayed up the whole time. We watched, in true Canadian form, the US/Canada Hockey match to celebrate, there was tobogganing in the back yard (not sledding, eh), and really great food. Great times, good costumes, crazy kids.

Kaitlyn's first snow man. We named him Larry.

My 3 yr old is so big! We went to the ward for a Christmas day dinner the bishop put on for who ever wanted to come. It was fantastic and made our Christmas day feel official.
The spoils of Christmas morning

The only present Zach didn't take back was the fantastic breakfast. Cinnamon Rolls, Egg Casserole and fresh fruit. YUM, YUM, YUM. I live for food like this.

Christmas eve we went to another party with friends and it was the greatest. Santa even showed up. Liza might need therapy.

We took the girls bowling for the first time. HILLARIOUS. Kaitlyn is an incredible bowler if the ball just can stay fast enough to make it to the end and have enough force to knock the pins over. GREAT MEMORIES!

Mostly we did a lot of this though. SNUGGLE AND SLEEP. What a good time.

The end.