Sunday, September 20, 2009

Triathalon Man!

Zach signed up for a triathlon a few months ago and after all the training yesterday was the day. His classmate was a really good motivator to do it and they raced together. We camped over at the lake it took place at and we're not sure that either of us got even 3 hours of sleep the night before. yikes! It didn't seem to phase Zach, but I had to take a nap on the beach after. :) tough work for me!

The horn is about to go off, the excitement in the air was thick!

This was right after the race ended. Zach wasn't even too tired or beat up. (it was a sprint, but STILL!) Tough hubbs. It was really exciting to be there and hopefully next year I'll be racing with him.

There was no stopping them from the temptation of sand and mud puddles. Yes, I'm the mother that put them both in white... oh it gets worse!

SERIOUSLY! I still have these clothes soaking downstairs. She was having such a good time, it seemed almost worth it. Liza has defiantly passed the phase where she'd be happy to just watch. In the past 2 weeks she's grown up so much! She repeats many words, although you can't understand them usually, eats like a 5 yr old, and squawks when she's unsatisfied for any reason. Watch out! But she's so happy and her laugh is the sweetest thing in the world.

It has been a great summer. We were all over the place.. hence no blogging. It's so nice to be home again and get back into the swing of things. We went to D.C. and stayed with my sweet cousin and her family, home to Utah a couple times for weddings, reunions, and family, and camped all over Ontario. It's been nuts, but a good kind of crazy.