Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's Nice To Get Away!

We have just been on an awesome trip to Maui with Krehl and Amy Stegelmeier. We scuba dived, snorkeled (for me), hiked, spear fished, lots of beach time, body surfing, actual surfing, whale watched, spent 3 days in Hana hiking and hanging out, ate great food (unless your pregnant and everything tastes bad), and mostly had a great time with Krehl and Amy. After about 5 days I was starting to really miss Kaitlyn but since she didn't seem to miss us much I just made the most of our trip and we had a really relaxing time.
Our first day in Maui and loving every minute!
Amy and I snazzed up for our LuauThis could sum up most of the trip acually.
7 sacred pools in Hana. Lots of Cliff Jumping
Maui sunrise on the Beach!

Since being back, I'm happy to say I feel pretty normal again! Hot Dog! The last three months were tolerable but I'm really happy to almost feel like me again. Even though I knew this would be the case with #2, nothing really prepares you to look 5 months pregnant at 13 weeks. Strange. I know I should be organizing my life and maybe even packing up stuff we will not need for a couple months but I find myself completely disinterested. I'm a self-proclaimed procrastinator which doesn't help although Zach's influence has improved my worst symptoms for the most part. I figure I've got a month before I have to face the reality of moving for the 7th time in 7 years. Shocking isn't it! To think 3 of those years were spent happily living in one place. This last move from NSL to Holladay I didn't even bother unpacking about 15 boxes. WHY DO I EVEN HAVE THOSE BOXES? I am of the opinion that if I haven't missed them for a year, I'll never really remember what I am supposed to be missing anyways. The trouble is that curiosity gets the best of me and I open the box before the DI drop and low and behold: tokens of my sentimental journey through life have been hidden for a year and I LOVE THEM. So I never get rid of it and when we move to our new home, I don't have anywhere to put those things so they stay in the box until... down the road we are moving again and I rediscover my treasures. It's not so bad with my crap but does anyone else just want to throw away half of your husbands stuff that you lug around from place to place. There is no sentiment and I am itching to get rid of all the stuff taking up space. I'm not talking about pictures or journals or favorite things from childhood. I'm talking about your college Biology text book that I've been informed will come in very handy one day. And maybe it will.