Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Liza's 2 weeks old

Well, 2 weeks later, we are all still surviving. My mother-in-law just left us this morning and I haven't found out yet if we'll make it on our own because sesame street has been on the whole time. :) We'll see! The last 2 weeks haven't been without adventure. We've already endured really bad yeast infections on both girls and Kaitlyn was diagnosed with hand/foot/mouth yesterday. FANTASTIC. Lots of hand washing and hopefully Liza won't have to get it too. I still promise that I'll add the labor and delivery experience when I get a chance for your entertainment and enjoyment. But for now the peace has left us and I should help these girls.

picking a pumkin last week

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Elizabeth Ivie Williams has Arrived!!!

Liza came Sunday Night, October 5th at 11:42 pm after 7 hours of labor. That is a 17 hour improvement over Kaitlyn's delivery!!! HURRAY! There is another whole blog regarding my delivery experience but I don't have tons of time, so we're skipping details for now.
WEIGHT: 6 lb 14 oz, LENGTH: 18 in. She has been so sweet and it feels like she's been around for so much more than 1 week. She can wake the dead with her crying when she wants to but it actually just cracks me up because Kaitlyn was very quiet. Kaitlyn looks so much like Zach and suprise, surprise I looked a lot like this when I was born. Brown hair and all. She's a Bentley! Here's some pics.

Home for 2 days and she looks so old already!!!
Dad is VERY proud
Kaitlyn's first time seeing Liza at the hospital... "I'm not so sure Mom"
This is right after Kaityn kissed her on the head... So cute!
What she looks like RIGHT NOW, let's hope it sticks long enough for a shower. Love you all and I'll do more later!