Monday, January 28, 2008


We've been hiking a lot this winter and are loving all the snow. I have no complaints about it snowing in the winter... without snow it is just an ugly, cold, waste of time. :)
Christmas was a HIT this year. We had a lot of fun with the family that came in town and missed Mom and Dad and Rick and Marisa that weren't here. Otherwise it was a 100% head count for the Williams and Bentley families. One thing we didn't expect... Kaitlyn could care less about Christmas presents. She didn't want anything to do with wrapping paper or new toys. The old ones were GREAT no problem. NUTS! But she like them now just fine so it wasn't a complete waste. I can honestly say we enjoyed every minute of the Holiday Season. 10 points!

This was one highlight of our adventures... snow shoeing up Millcreek Canyon. We had such a great time with Dan/Rach, Sharon, and Charlie that we went back up on New Years Eve at 10:00 pm to hike it again, only this time we wised up and took sleds and headlamps to make the trip down more exciting. IT ROCKED! A new tradition.