Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!!!

The Beach at Lake Huron on a perfect day. Kaitlyn LOVED it which was sort of surprising because it was darn cold this morning but that wasn't stopping her. Right after this picture she was in the water up to her chest and laughing every time a wave hit her.

We went with our neighbors and Chris is Kaitlyn's age and they have a great time together. He is a little older and she will do anything he does which is really fun and funny to watch.

I actually look tan next to Kaitlyn, what a bonus. It was the perfect day with perfect weather.

The party continues, check out the sweet waves on the lake. I tell you there's no beating our close "fresh water ocean". Perfect for kids and I'm a major fan.

Here's our sweet set-up. Neville and Karen live 2 doors down and he's a year ahead of us in Zach's program so we have lots in common and the kids play great. They are really fun. We even set the tent up and were able to put kids in for naps and to be contained to play-I recommend it to you all.

So Canada Day 2008 has, so far, been a HUGE success. I love the chance to celebrate 2 independence days. We'll have to think of something fun to do for the 4th as well. I can't believe we've only lived here a month. It's going to be a really fun and memorable 3 years. :)