Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Psychoanalysis Session #1

FOOD = HAPPINESS. I don't mean in the normal way. I mean in a feed me or I'll scream sort of a way. And who wants to be screaming at the kidlets. It's just a hypoglycemic state that needs some balancing out. So in an effort to maintain "love at home" I need some suggestions on good snacks... MOM SNACKS. I feed the kids stuff all day but don't stop to munch something. So I'm looking for your best complex carb/protein packed/sugarless suggestions out there. My sugar levels appreciate your concern and comments. :)


Katie said...

Hummus with whole wheat pita chips and veggies. Edamame. Whole wheat english muffin with lowfat Laughing Cow cheese (the garlic herb is delicious!). Peanut butter (w/out hydrogenated oils) and banana. Mrs. May's fruit and nut bars (I buy them at Costco).

3 Yankes and a Canadian said...

Ahhhhhhh, this is all fantastic. You're a genius Kaite! I'm off to the store today and this is perfect. Going on my list. I just sat down for some tuna fish and crackers with cream cheese! Woo Hoo!

Matt, Jennifer, Max and Mallory said...

Mary, I found you!!! Don't think I am psycho, but this Jennifer Beardall from the Orem Institute back 10 years ago. We are trying to locate everyone for a reunion. I did a search of you and found your brother Dan's blog and then found yours. I hope you don't think I am a stalker. It is so good to see you are doing well and have such a cute family. We are having a reunion in Utah on June
3rd with the council. Camron is so excited to get everyone together and so far we have located everyone except for one, Tom H. We would love to see you but realize you live outside of Utah. Please email me at jennifermangum@live.com and tell me how you are doing. We can give an update at the reunion. I live in Virginia but am traveling to utah that week and wanted to see my friends from the Institute. I hope to talk to you soon. Your friend, Jen
p.s. my family blog is themangumfamily@blogspot.com

joni said...

Hey Mary, I like sugarfree raspberry jello with lowfat cottage cheese and fruit.